Get Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Baby Is Sleeping Safely With The Physician-designed LifeNest™ Sleeping System Mattress

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  • The LifeNest™  Sleeping System mattress was specifically created by a physician to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for your little bundle of joy.
  • The LifeNest™  mesh hammock cradles your baby while maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position, while allowing baby to have unrestricted movements.
  • The breathable hammock allows baby to freely breath, even if he/she turns accidentally on their tummy.
  • A second hammock is built into the mattress cover reinforcing strength and safety.
  • The tight fitting mattress cover prevents mattress cover entrapment risks. 

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  • One Yummy coupon of HK1,399 can be used to redeem ONE LifeNest™  Sleeping System Mattress normally worth HK$1,999 – that’s a 30% discount for this award-winning mattress for babies.
  • Yummy coupon is valid for 6 months
  • Yummy coupon cannot be combined with other offers, discounts and promotional offers.
  • Yummy coupon is not valid for cash back.
  • To Redeem: Visit the Cosmo Beebies store to pick up your LifeNest™  Sleeping Mattress. Please call (2905-1188) in advance to confirm coupon and allow the staff 1-2 working days to take item from the warehouse.
  • Address: 9/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • For more information, call:  +852 2905 1188 or visit www.cosmobeebies.com


    This fantastic LifeNest™  Sleeping System mattress:

    Reduces the chances of suffocation by allowing your baby to breathe freely through the netting if he or she flips over.

    Accelerates the evacuation of exhaled CO2 though netting and venting channels.

    Provides your baby with comfortable curved supportive netting. The contact surface increase redistributes pressure, making your baby sleep more comfortably.

    Elevates the baby slightly and encourages a comfortable back-sleeping position.

    Helps prevent overheating and reduces baby’s sweating by allowing free airflow around the baby.

    Keeps your baby dry and comfortable, on the dust mites’ free hypoallergenic netting.

    Prevents the mattress cover sheet strangulation risk; the bag-shaped LifeNest™ cover sheet, closed by a zipper, snuggly fits the LifeNest™.

    Allows liquids or mucus to pass through the LifeNest™ mesh surface, helping to prevent smothering.

    Promotes baby’s relaxation by allowing unrestricted movements.


    The LifeNest™ mesh hammock cradles the baby, maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position, while allowing unrestricted movements.

    The tight fitting mattress cover prevents mattress cover entrapment risk

    Ventilation channels allow a free airflow.

    Liquids and mucus pass right through the hammock, eliminating build-up around the baby’s face.

    4 ribbons secure the LifeNest™ to the crib slats.

    The LifeNest™ passed successfully the open flame test 16 CFR 1633.


    Increases the contact surface of the baby’s body with the mesh

    Allows the baby’s head top move freely

    Provides a slight incline


    The machine washable LifeNest™ sheet easily slips on and off

    The waterproof, LifeNest™ fabric protects foam for greater durability


    Approximately 33.5 “ length, 27.5 “ width, 4.7”/1.5” height (85 cm/70cm/12 /4 cm)(For 70cm x 140cm Cot)


    LifeNest™ stores easily and travels well in its convenient carry-bag.


    A full line of fashionable covers sheets in different colors sold separately, will compliment any nursery.