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  • A 1-year subscription to the English language magazine of your choice from Bayard’s award winning selection.
  • You get a choice of the following magazines:
  • StoryBox (ages 3-6)
    AdventureBox (ages 6-9)
    DiscoveryBox (ages 9-12)

  • HK$237.50 instead of HK$475 for a 1 year subscription (10 issues)
  • Each magazine is filled with illustrated stories, puzzles, games, comics, fascinating facts, questions and answers and tons more to encourage young readers to develop a love for reading and learning plus the necessary literacy and reasoning skills.
  • It’s a real treat for children to receive their own personally addressed magazine through the post!
  • As a children’s magazine should be, these magazines are absolutely advertisement-free!

  • Need to Know

  • Yummy coupon is valid for 6 months.
  • Yummy coupon cannot be combined with other offers, discounts and promotional offers.
  • Yummy coupon is not valid for cash back.
  • To redeem: Email bayard@bpa.com.hk with your Yummy Coupon code. You will receive an email from Bayard asking for the title of your choice and your postal address.
  • http://www.bayard-magazines.co.uk/gammebox/index.jsp


    StoryBox (ages 3-6)

     10 issues per year

    2011 winner of a Parent's Choice Gold Award
    There is so much to do together in every issue! Share quality time with your child with StoryBox. This high-quality, educational and fun magazine is especially designed for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Each issue features a book-length story to read aloud, always beautifully illustrated by top artists. This is followed by an introduction to science that answers children’s questions about the world, a section about animals, two lovely picture stories with heroes that children will love (Sam Sam and Polo), an illustrated poem, games... All this in a single issue!...

    "The whole family thinks it's a great magazine. We previously have tried other magazines for kids but this is the best yet, it is something the whole family can get involved with. We get a great story to read together, the 2 comic strips, the differently themed activities every month, and it's educational too in a fun way. There isn’t one part of it our daughter doesn't enjoy and it's advert free and feels great quality that will last forever which keeps me paying out of my wallet for it." Mother of Lucia, 4

    AdventureBox magazine (ages 6-9)

    10 issues per year

    2011 winner of a Parent's Choice Silver Award
    An exciting magazine to get kids hooked on reading! AdventureBox is a high-quality, educational and fun magazine especially designed for the children aged 6 to 9 years old, with an eye on the National Literacy Strategy.

    In every issue you will find an exciting 44-page illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters, followed by a great section about nature, with stunning pictures and fascinating information, puzzles and games to stimulate children's literacy and reasoning skills in a fun way, as well as two hilarious comic-strips that children will love! All this in... a single issue!

    AdventureBox is really great, the stories are all really interesting, and I always feel super excited whenever AdventureBox comes in through the mail!” Charlie, 9

    DiscoveryBox magazine (ages 9-12)

    10 issues per year

    2011 winner of a Parent's Choice Recommended Award

    A journey of discovery through nature, science and history! DiscoveryBox is a high-quality, educational and fun magazine especially designed for the children aged 9 to 12 years old.

    In every issue young readers will find: a section about Animals, with beautiful photographs and gripping short texts, Science through fascinating topics and experiments, Historical events presented in a lively and informative way, a trip around the globe with the World section, as well as games, comic-strips, fun facts, collectible info-cards and a lot of other fun stuff! DiscoveryBox stimulates children's curiosity and whet their appetite for learning!

    ... "I think that DiscoveryBox is a really good magazine. There are many subjects you can read about, a lot of fun games to play and a lot of entertaining comics to read. You always learn something." Samuel, 9