Everything You Need To Go Safe And Organic When Washing Dishes, Disinfecting The Kitchen And Scouring Away Grease

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  • Your Yummy coupon will give you Washing Up Liquid (300ml) Dispenser Bottle, Washing Up Liquid (1 l) Refill Bottle, Grease Dissolver (500ml), Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner (120ml) with Trigger, Scouring Fluid (a great alternative to JIF), Hand Soap (300ml) Dispenser Bottle and Hand Soap (1l) Refill Bottle – all this for just HK$405 instead of the regular retail price of HK$675.

  • Many people try to avoid food that has been treated with pesticides and fertilizers, and drink water that has been filtered. But they often forget that household cleaners, and especially dishwashing detergents can leave harmful chemical residue on plates, glasses, cooking and eating utensils. Sonett’s kitchen cleaning products are a healthier, safer – yet very effective – alternative to conventional products.

  • Sonett’s kitchen cleaning products do not contain enzymes, petro-chemical surfactants, fragrances, colourings, preservatives, bleach activators etc, and all ingredients are fully listed.

  • All Sonett products are 100% biodegradable and natural so they aren’t harmful to the environment or to our rivers and oceans. Ingredients are herbal and mineral raw materials. Oils and herbs are sourced from controlled biodynamic and organic cultivation.

  • Sonett products are made in Germany and carry the EcoGarantie and EcoControl certifications. Added bonus: it's great for allergy-prone kids too.

  • Sonett has been a pioneer in organic Kitchen Cleaning products since 1977.

  • In Hong Kong these products are available exclusively at Three Sixty and by home delivery through Shawganics (contact Martina on 2813 8414 or email shaws@pacific.net.hk).


Need to Know

  • Included in this Yummy deal: your HK$405 Yummy coupon can be redeemed for the Sonett Kitchen Starter Set worth HK$675.

  • A HK$70 delivery fee is already included in each Yummy deal purchased. Additional delivery charges apply to Outlying Islands, Tung Chung and Chek Lap Kok.

  • Yummy coupon is valid for 6 months and cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.

  • Each Yummy coupon is valid for a one-time redemption upon presentation and is not valid for cash back.

  • Purchasing your Sonett Kitchen Starter Set is easy: just email your coupon (with your fragrance preference for the hand soap) to:  shaws@pacific.net.hk

  • Your Sonett Kitchen Starter Set will be delivered within 14 days of purchase.


Organic kitchen cleaning products like Sonett do not contain the toxic chemicals found in many conventional kitchen products. Such chemicals present a danger to the environment when they are washed into our rivers and oceans. But guess what? These chemicals can also pose health hazards to kids, people with sensitive skin and those suffering from allergies.


Studies on conventional kitchen cleaning products have determined that the residue that is often left on dishes and surfaces can trigger rashes, itchiness, eczema and breathing problems in those who are susceptible.


As a mummy, you always want the best and the safest products for your kids, so Sonett’s Kitchen Starter Kit is the perfect solution to these problems - and you’ll feel guilt-free when using such a green and clean (in every way!) product.

The set contains everything you need to go safe and organic when washing dishes, disinfecting the kitchen and scouring away grease. And when combined, produces excellent results so you’re not sacrificing hygiene when going green!


The Sonett Kitchen Starter Kit contains:

  • Washing Up Liquid (300ml) in a practical Dispenser Bottle
  • Washing Up Liquid (1 l) Refill Bottle - an extremely economical agent for washing dishes by hand, is well tolerated by sensitive skin and contains natural essential lemongrass oil.
  • Grease Dissolver (500ml) concentrate that contains orange peel oil to break down grease easily. It removes stubborn grease and oily stains around the cooker and cooker hoods (and its great for cleaning cooker hood filters). Kind to the skin and suitable for all washable surfaces.
  • Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner (120ml) with Trigger that cleans all glass and tiled surfaces thoroughly and without streaking. Contains natural essential lemongrass and lavender oils for lovely fragrance.
  • Scouring Fluid (a great alternative to JIF) is ideal for faucets, washbasins, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. Finely ground limestone from Germany is added to gently remove dried stubborn stains and limescale.
  • Hand Soap (300ml) Dispenser Bottle and Hand Soap (1l) Refill Bottle - a mild, nourishing liquid soap, handy to have near the kitchen sink. It comes in four fragrances of Rose, Lavender, Citrus and Rosemary (please specify your preferred fragrance when giving your delivery order).