Get EIGHT Post-Natal Sessions For Just HK$1,000 Instead Of HK$2,000

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*Yummy coupon will give you 8 sessions at Elite Bootcamp for Yummy Mummies, with specific post-natal training to get you back to your pre-baby shape and weight.
*All this for HK$1000 instead of the regular price of HK$2000 - a savings of 50%!
*You will get 1 month at Elite Personal Training Studio, working out twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 am in their modern studio.
*This fabulous offer runs from 15 September –11 October and spaces are limited so don’t miss out.
*A bonus to you when you sign up is a FREE Nutrition seminar held at Elite Personal Training Studio.

Need to Know

*Included in this Yummy deal: Your HK$1000 Yummy coupon can be redeemed for 8 sessions of post-natal training at Elite Personal Training Studio worth HK$2000. 
*Sessions are Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:30 from Sept 15- October 11.
*Workouts take place in their
Wong Chuk Hang studio (20th Fl, Regency Phase II, 41-43 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Island South, HK).  The Studio is urban and modern and unlike your stereotypical gym offering access to state of the art training equipment and training methods.
*Nutritional seminar will be held on THIS
Friday, 9 September at 9:15am.
*This Yummy deal cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.
*Redeeming your 8 sessions for Bootcamp is easy: simply email your coupon to: nathan@eliteptstudio.com.



Postnatal Bootcamp at Elite Personal Training Studio is a fun and effective way to achieve your postnatal fitness goals.  With targeted work, you’ll lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy. You’ll also gain muscle, reduce stress and increase your strength and flexibility (bonus!).  It’s also easy to get motivated when you are exercising with others – and when you see the results!


The Elite Personal Training studio’s Bootcamp has professional trainers who will work with you over 8 weeks, with two sessions a week to really whip you into shape. But don’t worry, the classes are fun AND effective!


Classes include:


*Core Stability

*Weight Training sessions




*Functional Training

*Cardio sessions

*Nutrition for busy guys

*Multi Modality Circuits involving all of the above

*Weekly Weigh ins and Measurements

*Weekly emails and Facebook correspondence.


Postnatal Bootcamp will give you a full body workout while combining cardiovascular exercise, resistance training together with postnatal core and flexibility exercises.


Don’t underestimate what a thrill it is to burn those calories and lose inches so that you finally fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes again – and yes, it can happen! Your exercise classes will be in the company of other new mummies – so it’s a great way to socialize too.  And ALL fitness levels are welcomed, so don’t worry about not having exercised for a while (we're all in the same boat here...).


As a bonus, you’ll get a FREE Nutrition Seminar. No trendy diets and supplements. Just simple prescribed and balanced nutritional plans for weight loss and optimal energy (yes, please!).


Postnatal Bootcamp may just be the motivating boost you need – you can keep trying doing it on your own, or wait for a bit of motivation to return miraculously....But how has that worked for you so far - and is it getting you back into that divine little black Prada dress you wore pre-baby?  (That's a bit of tough love for you!).