One Simple Change You Can Make In The Choice To Go Green And Healthy, Is To Use Sonett’s Safe, Organic Laundry Products That Are Non-toxic To You, Your Children And The Environment.

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  • Your Yummy coupon will give you Laundry Powder (2.4kg), Bleach Complex (450g), Laundry Rinse (1l) used instead of softeners, Gall Soap Stain Remover (120ml), Washing Liquid for colours (1.5l) and Olive Washing Liquid for Wool and Silk (1l)- all this for just HK$350 instead of the regular retail price of HK$700.
  • Most people would like to rid their homes of pollutants but they rarely think about the toxins in their laundry products. All Sonett products are extremely mild and gentle to your skin, and therefore suitable for many people suffering from allergies. All ingredients are fully listed.
  • The ingredients in most commercial laundry powders, bleaches, softeners, detergents and stain removers contain harmful chemicals that are a danger both to ourselves and our environment.
  • Sonett’s laundry products do not contain enzymes, petro-chemical surfactants, fragrances, colourings, preservatives, bleach activators etc. All Sonett products are 100% biodegradable and natural so they aren’t harmful to the environment. Ingredients are herbal and mineral raw materials. Oils and herbs are sourced from controlled biodynamic and organic cultivation
  • Sonett products are made in Germany and carry the EcoGarantie and EcoControl certifications.
  • Sonett has been a pioneer in organic laundry powders and cleansers since 1977.
  • In Hong Kong these products are available exclusively at Three Sixty and by home delivery through Shawganics (contact Martina on 2813 8414 or email  shaws@pacific.net.hk)

Need to Know

  • Your HK$420 Yummy coupon can be redeemed for the Sonett Laundry Starter Set worth HK$700.
  • Additional delivery charges apply to Outlying Islands, Tung Chung and Chek Lap Kok.
  • Your Yummy coupon cannot be combined with other offers and is not valid for cash back.
  • Yummy coupon is valid for 6 months for a one-time redemption upon presentation.
  • Purchasing your Sonett Laundry Starter Set is easy, email your coupon to: shaws@pacific.net.hk
  • Your Sonett Laundry Starter Set will be delivered within 14 days of purchase.


Organic laundry detergents like Sonett do not contain the toxic chemicals found in many conventional laundry products. Such chemicals present a danger to the environment when they are washed into our rivers and oceans. But guess what? These chemicals can also pose health hazards to kids, people with sensitive skin and those suffering from allergies. Studies on conventional brand laundry products have determined that fumes from harmful chemicals are inhaled when you breathe in the synthetic fragrances, while the residue is often left on the clothes and can trigger rashes, itchiness, eczema and breathing problems in those who are susceptible. Worse, artificial fragrances do not degrade in the environment and in fact, most babies and toddlers are allergic to them.


As a mummy, you always want the best and the safest products for your kids, so Sonett’s Laundry Starter Kit is the perfect solution to these problems – and you’ll feel guilt-free when using such a green and clean (in every way!) product. It contains everything you need to go safe and organic when washing clothes. And when combined, produces excellent results so you’re not sacrificing spotless whites when going green!


The Sonett Laundry Starter Kit contains: Laundry Powder (2.4kg), Bleach Complex (450g), Laundry Rinse (1l) used instead of softeners, Gall Soap Stain Remover (120ml), Washing Liquid for colours (1.5l) and Olive Washing Liquid for Wool and Silk (1l). The 2.4kg Washing Powder is sufficient for 42 washes in soft and medium hard water. Sonett’s Bleach Complex and the Gall Soap Stain Remover are super value. The oxygen-based whitener is excellent for removing stains and discolouration from whites and colourfasts, and is fully broken down to become 100% safe and biodegradable. When used with the Laundry Rinse, it is particularly effective. 


Don’t forget that Sonett products are gentler, healthier and safer to use. While most people (correctly) assume that organic household cleaners are more expensive than traditional brands, you can’t get better value than with the Sonett Laundry Starter Kit Yummy deal.


And when you do decide to go green, do keep in mind that the few extra dollars are more than worth it when you consider the harm that toxic chemicals in other brands can pose to our health – and that of our kids.

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