These Cute Cushions Gives Kids A Boost While Improving Posture And Concentration

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  • Booster Bugs are a brand new concept created to give kids a boost at the table whilst also helping to improve posture and concentration through active sitting.
  • Got a teeny tot who’s graduating from a high chair to a grown up seat but needs a little boost? Got a fidgety, wiggly kid? Got a kid whose posture needs correcting? The Booster Bug is for you!
  • Your Yummy coupon gives you 50% off the Booster Bug which is normally priced at $450, plus local delivery - but be quick, we have a very limited number of them!
  • Kids LOVE the bright red lady bug design with stick-out bendy legs.
  • Perfect for the floor or chair, for schools and restaurants – for kids of all ages!

Need to Know

  • Maximum of four (4) Booster Bugs per person.
  • Yummy coupon is valid for 6 months.
  • One Yummy coupon can be used per visit and it cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers, discounts and promotional offers.
  • Delivery arrangements must be made directly with The Bugs Company by sending an email to bugs@thebugscompany.com.
  • Local delivery is included in this Yummy deal. A HK$50 delivery fee per Booster Bug has been applied.


Booster Bugs, brightly coloured air-filled cushions, are the brainchild of an HK-based mother of four. The phenomenal concept gives kids a boost by working as a ladybug-shaped booster cushion that corrects posture by working, engaging and strengthening core muscles as the kids sit. Added to that, Booster Bugs have been found to be the perfect tool to help children who are having difficulties concentrating, in focusing and paying attention.


These brightly coloured bugs work a bit like a Pilates fitball, but they are fun and funky enough for kids to love them. They’ve been noticed by leading child psychologists and occupational therapists and are being used locally and internationally. The Bugs can be used for homework sessions, while sitting on the floor or rug, and of course at the dining table for meals. Plus, they are fun and perfectly sized to ensure carrying them around is not a problem! But make sure you buy enough – the kids are sure to fight over them!