50% off Bilingual Mandarin DVD Box Set from Culture Cubs!

Give Your Child The Gift Of Language: Only HK$265 For Set Of 3 DVDs That Make Learning Mandarin Fun!

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*Popular bilingual DVDs series for kids age 0-7 makes learning Mandarin fun! 

*Your Yummy coupons gives you the Culture Cubs Deluxe Box Set with 3 DVDs: Time to Eat, Time to Swim and Time to Meet the Animals.

*Deluxe Box Set also includes loads of extras including stickers, a small panda toy, temporary tattoos and playing cards. 

*Get your kids off to a great start by immersing them in the sounds and tones of Mandarin.

*The perfect combination of entertainment and education - so much fun your kids won’t know they’re learning

*Culture Cubs engages children so they learn naturally. The multicultural, multilingual cast of children gives kids the confidence to think, “I can do that, too!”

Yummy Tip: Another thing we love about Culture Cubs?  No irritating kiddie music! The show features wonderfully catchy songs written and performed by Hong Kong pop star Joyce Lee.

Need to Know

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*Yummy coupon can’t be combined with other offers or promotions.

*Orders and delivery arrangements must be placed by email (yummy@culturecubs.com).

*Local delivery is included.


Learn Mandarin the fun way!!  Join the stars of Culture Cubs - Huckleberry, the American teddy bear, and Xiao Long, the kung fu panda - on amazing adventures as they teach children Mandarin and inspire learning about language and culture along the way. Culture Cubs teaches by using animation, dance, songs, word games, art and an amazing cast of bilingual, multicultural, multilingual kids who bring home the message that anyone can learn Mandarin.


With this Yummy deal you get the Culture Cubs Deluxe Box Set which feature three DVDs loaded with fun and fast-paced shows that are designed to make learning fun – in fact, we’re pretty sure the kids won’t even know they’re learning!  Also included are loads of goodies that compliment the learning experience, including stickers, a sweet little panda toy, temporary tattoos of the adorable characters, and a deck of bilingual playing cards.


Popular throughout Asia since its launch in 2006, Culture Cubs was developed by Crystal Kwok, a Hong Kong-based celebrity well-known for her work as a writer, filmmaker, actress and talk show host, and Lauren Cooper, an American television producer and writer living in Hong Kong. Both Crystal and Lauren have young children who are learning Mandarin and this project grew out of their own search to find programs and materials that their kids would love. Filmed entirely in Hong Kong, Culture Cubs hums with the sights and sounds of this buzzing, multicultural city.  Adding to the fun, the series also features wonderfully catchy songs written and performed for the show by Hong Kong pop star Joyce Lee.


Culture Cubs is guilt-free television for kids and their parents.  Indeed, studies have shown that exposure to Mandarin helps develop both hemispheres of a child's brain, and is even believed to help children develop perfect musical pitch.  Parents and educators have hailed this exciting series for its organic approach to teaching and learning.  And an added bonus is that you’ll pick up the vocabulary too - we know we have!

Want to see more?  Check out a preview of the episodes here: