50% Discount on Two Cases of Hawaiian Springs Water

Only $300 For 24 One-litre Bottles Of One Of The Most Natural, Sustainable, Eco-friendly Mineral Waters

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  • Your $300 Yummy coupon buys two cases of Hawaiian Springs Water, valued at $600!
  • Two cases: 24, one-litre bottles of one of the most natural, sustainable, eco-friendly mineral water in the world.
  • Hawaiian Springs is 100% natural water bottled in Hawaii at its source – delivered right to your door.
  • Naturally filtered through 13,000 ft of lava rocks (nature’s ideal filter) – meaning it is clear and unprocessed from start to finish.
  • Hawaiian Springs has its own bottle-recycling program to ensure your bottles don’t end up in a landfill.
  • Yummy Mummy tip: Hawaiian Springs water boasts a low sodium content and an alkaline pH level of 7.7 (which is among the highest in the natural water category) which means it’s ideal for mixing baby formula. 

Need to Know

  • Coupon is valid for 6 months.
  • Offer coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers, discounts and promotional offers.
  • Delivery service available at an additional charge of HK$70 to be paid at time of delivery and arranged directly with Inter-Islands Distribution Ltd.
  • Additional charges apply for delivery to locations without elevator access, as well as to Outlying Islands, Tung Chung, and Chek Lap Kok.  Please call 3568-3460 for more information and to schedule delivery.
  • Please place order at least 2 working days before delivery date.


It seems only obvious that the best water come from untouched, underdeveloped sources, so it should be no surprise that the extraordinary Big Island of Hawaii would be the source for one of the cleanest and most natural bottled waters available

Hawaiian Springs Young Natural Artesian Water comes from Mauna Loa, in the District of Puna, which in ancient Hawaiian means, “Spring Water”.  It all starts as pure and fresh arctic moisture, which travels thousands of miles on the trade winds to Hawaii, the most isolated landmass on earth. Converted to bountiful rain or snow as it hits the slopes of Mauna Loa, the water then percolates through nature's ideal filter - 13,000 feet of volcanic rock to the Kea’au aquifer, where it spends very little time before being bottled.  Drawn from an artesian well at the mountain’s base, Hawaiian Springs bottles its water at the source - pumping it directly from the aquifer to their bottling facility, with very minimal human intervention.  In fact, the whole process from rainfall to bottle is less than 30 days.

The short journey of this young water from rainfall to bottle allows it to be naturally alkaline with a pH of 7.7, while maintaining a low mineral content.  And in fact, the Kea’au waters have been named some of the purest in the world by the U.S. Geological Survey. It’s also naturally enhanced with electrolytes so it provides the essential nourishment for proper hydration.  Its taste can only be described as fresh and smooth, with the teeniest hint of a natural sweetness.  

Hawaiian Springs is also one of the few bottled waters that can be called sustainable.  The mountains of the Big Island of Hawaii create a virtually inexhaustible source by capturing almost 200 inches of rain per year, making the aquifer one of the most renewable sources of water on earth. This translates into 1.38 billion gallons per day.  Just how much is that? Well, it’s enough pure water to supply all the bottled water consumed each year in America in 7.3 days! Think that’s crazy, how about all the world’s yearly bottled water consumption in less than a month! Now that’s sustainable!


And since we’re all aware about the environmental impact of plastic on the environment – and since HK has a notoriously poor recycling system - it’s good to know that the folks behind Hawaiian Spring have put an impressive recycling program in place.  They not only pick up your empty bottles*, but they also work with a recycling center to convert the used bottles into new products such as blankets and clothing. In the 6 months since the program was launched, 1.6 tons of shredded plastic have already been collected.

Hawaiian Springs Young Natural Artesian Water is truly a miracle of nature. Source bottled, artesian purity and a soft taste with a hint of sweetness make Hawaiian Springs the “Best of the Best”.  And lots of others agree!  Hawaiian Springs can be found at some of the choicest venues across Hong Kong, including the InterContinental Hotel, Grand Hyatt, Island Shangri-la, Kee Club, The American Club, HK Country Club, and many more locations.

*Bottle pick up service is available for subscription.